Pushkar Tours – Rajastan

Pushkar is an unusual gemstone amongst the splendor of Rajasthan. A place to enjoy travel and the Holy City. Pushkar is internationally known for its multicolored oxen impartial when thousands of devotees from all faiths gather toz go a plunge in the sacred lake. “Rajasthani” Dance, “Rajasthani” music, gaily-attired folks and respective social events. Pushkar, the calm less township of eastern Rajasthan, is located 13 kilometer from Ajmer, on the margin of a tiny & lovely lake. Pushkar is a metropolis of 400 temples and 52 bathing ghats. Pushkar prides itself on being the place of the alone synagogue of the Hindu God of Creation, Brahma. Every November, the sleepy less town of Pushkar in Rajasthan, India comes awake with a rioting of colors & a frantic outburst of action. The Occasion: PUSHKAR FAIR. Very few, if at all any, fairs in the reality can equal the liveliness of Pushkar. Most folk link the Pushkar Fair with reality’s largest camel impartial. But it is often much than that.



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