1.Uzhichil With Swedanam – 01 Hrs 15 Minutes one time

This is a simple massage with medicated oil, recommended for general fitness of the body.  It tones up the muscles, increases blood circulation, relax joints  stimulate the nervous system and is good for sense organs. This is followed by steam bath.


2.Rasayana Uzhichil – 01 Hr 45 Minutes three time 

This is three in one item. They are 1)Rejuvenation therapy

2)General body massage and 3)Medicated steam bath.

This aims at preventing the destructive effects of ageing on the human body together with promoting the quality and quantity of one’s life span. General body massage to revive tired and jaded muscles, general vitality and for a cool mind. Medicated steam bath eliminating toxins from the body by inducing profuse preparation. A specially designed cabinet is used for steam bath.


3.Ellakithirummu – 02 Hrs two time

This is a special massage which has its origin in the traditional martial arts of Kerala. This massage gives relief from all the muscular pains of the body. It also helps to reduce inflammation resulting from falls, accidents, sprains etc…


4.Sirodhara – 01 Hr one time 

A specialty of Kerala Ayurveda Treatments in which herbal oil is poured in a rhythmic manner on the forehead of the person lying on the back.  It relaxes the entire nervous system.


5.Kizhi – 01 Hr three time

The leaves of certain herbs are made in to a bolus from in a cotton cloth and are pummeled on the affected parts after a therapeutic massage with suitable medicated oil.






Hotel used

Marari Beach Resort – Marari , Alleppey


Coconut Lagoon Resort – Kumarakom

Ø All rates are inclusive of any Ayurveda treatment as per the Doctor’s advice, all meals (including Ayurveda diets), accommodation and all taxes.
Ø Pick-up & Drop from Cochin International Airport.
Ø It is not always possible to book the time slot in advance. Hence the time will only be announced at time of consultation on the first day.
Ø It is advisable to show one’s medical history to the Doctor during consultation to help plan for best results, taking into consideration any specific problems.
Ø Additional Internal medicines may be prescribed which can be bought from the center directly.
Ø Ayurveda treatments cannot be undertaken during the menstrual cycle.


Package Confirmation & Booking can be made against the payment 50% of the total amount and the Balance amount will be collected at the time of arrival. During the peak time,  the balance amount should be paid even before the arrival as per the hotel policy.
Payment can be done by direct cash/ bank transfer/Coequal towards the account of mentioned the confirmation mail.