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The area of Jhansi, including the city of Jhansi is the capital, is framed on the north by Jalaun area to the east by areas of Hamirpur and Mahoba, to the south by Tikamgarh area of the state of Madhya Pradesh, south-west through the area of Lalitpur, which is attached to the area of Jhansi by a narrow corridor, and east through the areas of Bhindi Dati and Madhya Pradesh. Population 1,746,715 (Census 2001). The area of Lalitpur, who advance to the hill country to the south, was added to the box in 1891 Jhansi, and made a separate area again in 1974. Several rail lines serving the area. South lies Jhansi area of the country Bundelkhand hill, which slopes down the chain of Vindhya. The zone includes the plain level Bundelkhand, distinguished for its deep black soil, known as March, and admirably adapted to the cultivation of cotton. The area is intersected or bound by three major rivers, the Pahuja, Betws and Dhasan. Jhansi Division is one of 17 divisions of Uttar Pradesh, and includes areas of Jhansi, Jalaun of, and Lalitpur. The town of Jhansi is the administrative center

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