Elephant Safari

About Safari
Elephant is always a fantasy for the mankind. In kerala one can find elephants in most of the temple festivals and other functions which are attended by dignitaries. Elephants are treated as gods and absolute care is being given to Elephants. With this elephant safari programme on can watch closely and mingle with the elephants.Elephant Safari Programme offers you a rare opportunity to experience the safari on an Elephant through a Spice Plantation where the gentle breeze refresh ones, with the spice scented air. The park is situated in an area 15 minutes from kumily (2 km).

Package Includes
The elephant package includes 1 or 2 hour elephant ride, timber dragging, elephant shower, play with baby elephant , feeding fruits, commands, communications and photo session.

Package Cost On Request

Optional Package

One can also enjoy ‘Kalari Payattu’, the traditional martial art of kerala and ‘Kathakali’ performance at an extra cost.
‘Kalaripayattu’ is a martial art which is specifically used for defence and resistance. This martial form of art helps to maintain our body physic and releases emotional stress. It Provides full relaxation,gives new energy and improves mental awareness.
You can watch Kalari Payattu Performance at 6 pm

‘Kathakali’ is a traditional and classical dance of Kerala. The history of kathakali dates back to 17th century. Kathakali has a unique combination of literature, music, painting, acting and dance.
One can watch Kathakali Performance at 7 pm