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Tarangi – Tarangi (meaning waves in Hindi, Indian) is the only Spa & Resort in Corbett. Located between the Jim Corbett National Park on one side and the River Kosi on the other, the resort is one of the greenest stay options in the park. Spread across a sprawling 13 acres of river front land, Tarangi is amongst the largest Corbett Resorts and an ideal place to stay in for a relaxed, rejuvenating holiday.
The suites and cottages at the Tarangi Resort & Spa in Corbett offer a panoramic view of the jungle and the river, giving you a true feeling of living in the wild. The twin highlights of the resort are the swimming pool and the Indian Spa, both located by the riverside – perfect places to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. You may also join in the early morning Yoga sessions by the Kosi, when the silence of the wild is broken only by the song of a bulbul.

Facilities in Hotel
Drift Wood Collection, Community Service, Adventure Activities, Jungle Safari, Amphitheatre, Internet, Conference Hall
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